We offer a wide range of folding cardboard packaging solutions to multiple industries for helping them to grow their business

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Production Flow

The objective of “Customized Packaging Boxes” is to design, manufacture and deliver a wide range of packaging products in a manner that meets and exceeds our customer’s requirements. We always meet the demand of our valued customers in required manner.

By using Customized Packaging Boxes you can get twice profit than before you ever got in business

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Services we provide

custom shapes and sizes

Custom Shapes & Sizes

We produce custom packaging in different shapes and sizes recommend by you.

Free Design

Free Design Services

We offer free services for design your boxes according to your demand.

no die and plate charges

No Die & Plate Charges

Die & Plate are the part of printing, we do not charge separately for both of these.

fast turnaround time

Fast Turnaround Time

We try our very best to fulfil your order quickly and fastly with-in 5 to 7 turn around time.

free and fast delivery/shipping

Free and Fast Shipping

Our shipping / delivery service is our identity and also very safe, free and fast.

What we Offer

No Setup Fee

No Setup Fee

Instant Quote

Instant Quotes

high quality offset printing

High Quality Offset Printing

100% Customer Satisfaction

100% Customer Satisfaction

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Price

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Best Option For Unique Brands

Custom Boxes Manufactured to Fulfil your Brand Packaging Needs

Customized Packaging Boxes is a leading company for providing you best services for Custom Boxes. We at Customized Packaging Boxes is serving for decades not only in the UK but also in the whole world. We have always had reasonable prices from our start but in from the past few years, customised packaging boxes are providing services of printing and designing at very cheap prices. We provide the best printing solutions for solving the problems of our customers related to packaging and printing. Our best planning for preparing these boxes helps us to provide the better. Our core values are:

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

We have vast experience in Printing and Packaging. It’s mean that we use the top-quality services of printing for making excellent results. We try to make sure in time delivery and we do not compromise on quality. We’re a full-fledged organization with a high-profile clientele, and we’ll do everything in our power to make shipping easy for you.

Material Selection:

Fine material is our top priority. The best quality material positively affects the business. Our material basis on

  • Cardboard,
  • Corrugated and
  • Kraft

The best quality packaging will more prominent in the market. It is our task to meet your demands completely and get your satisfaction. When you will use the packaging of our company you will become tension free. Customized Packaging Boxes is always ahead with their uniqueness.

Choose Your Custom Printed Boxes and Packaging from a lot of Styles

Our customer care service is available for all the customers. We try to satisfy all of them, whether they are businessmen or simple people, who need the packaging for personal use. We don’t care about who are you? What is your identity? But we only care about the quality packaging and the best printing to fulfil your need. We offer our services with great affection. If you need simple business cards or any type of invitation card, foil stamps, boxes of any type of folders etc. we at Customised Packaging Boxes offer you all the services at very reasonable prices for the custom boxes. We offer the best boxes at a cheaper price. These not only look beautiful but also helps you to display your product in a good manner. Here, are some of our box types which we prepare according to the demand of the customers, these will help our customers.

  1. Kraft Packaging
  2. Food Packaging
  3. Cosmetic Packaging
  4. Die-Cut Boxes
  5. Custom Printed Boxes
  6. Custom Jewelry Boxes
  7. Cardboard boxes
  8. Sleeve Boxes
  9. Display Boxes
  10. Apparel  Boxes and many others

An Assortment of Custom Boxes Choices to Pick-on

We have a facility for you to customize your own custom boxes from a variety of custom choices. You can get benefits from our different offers such as free designing, free shipping, free lamination and designing etc. For making your product more prominent among the others and competing in the market, we have many add-ons like ink-raising, colour-matching, letterpress, foil Stamping, embossing etc. The ink we use is of high quality which makes the custom boxes more attractive and eye-catching. We have all the facilities for making your custom boxes according to your needs and interests. The attractive shape shows positive activity. We meet new trends fastly.

No Compromise On Quality:

We offer our services at very reasonable prices. We know very well that the high price will decrease the demand for the product and the low price of packaging will help the manufacturer to keep stable the price of the product. The quality of the boxes makes them more attractive for the customers. So, here, ‘at Customised Packaging Boxes‘ is no compromise on quality. We care for our customers all the way.

Why Does Your Business Need Custom Packaging and Printing?

The best quality packaging will definitely upgrade your business. It impacts positively on the demand for the product. So, don’t hesitate and contact us for making packaging of your products and become tension free about this field of production.

Customized Packaging Boxes Tries To Meet The New Trends

We try our best to target all the new trends in the packaging industry. We achieve all the latest updates about boxes. We work along your business needs and requirements to get the best solution in the current competitive market. Our new shapes and sizes of the boxes attract the customers towards product. The attractive shape shows positive activity. When the latest trends and new shapes meet’ then the packaging will become more attractive. Its mean, “Here is a combination of attractiveness plus durability. 

These machines provide the best quality cutting of these boxes. That’s why we give you quality assurance. We offer a number of designs with the latest demands. We only use top-quality material for making custom boxes for our customers. We don’t compromise on the quality.

Custom Boxes are a great choice for Consumer Goods businesses. Manufacturers across the globe use these custom box packaging for their retail and wholesale product packaging.

Amazing Custom Boxes At the Lowest Market Rates

Customized Packaging Boxes is the best option for the best packaging. With the high-quality packaging, our team is 24/7 waiting for your contact. If you don’t have any idea about designing then our staff will guide you about your suitable design. Our trusted customers have complete faith in our packaging and we proudly deal with our customers. For the best satisfaction, we have different styles, shapes, sizes, and printing machines that all will meet the needs of your packaging. These shapes will help your brand to improve its significance. Our designers have many ideas for boxes according to the arrangements events of our customers. These are the key questions you need to ask your supplier to get exactly the right boxes for you.

The comfort and ease of customers while making memorable experiences with these Custom boxes is our priority. We do not have any hidden charges for custom boxes and we offer our services at very low prices as compared to the market. So, please contact us and just make an order.

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