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For this first of all you should take notice for packaging which material is being used. By getting this information you can better understand the strength or weaknesses of the packaging. Cardboard packaging is basically made from paper but the form of this paper is called cardboard that is a thick form of paper. This form will not easily damage as soon as a normal paper and will suck the wetness slowly so, its integrity will be compromised. As a result, it is necessary to avoid the whole wet or the container that can unscrew the fluid. They can include food, oils, paints, water and other liquids.

          It is necessary not to pack sharp objects in cardboard boxes. First of all, the box can seem to be safe, but you can never find out what conditions the load occur during shipping. The applied external pressure can cause sharp objects using the drilling of cardboard packaging. It can also be very dangerous for human to carry the boxes. If pointed objects penetrate the box, they can make injury for the carrier of the box.

          Cardboard corrugated packaging boxes are comes in different sizes. The objects are packaged in various boxes, depending on the size and the weight of the objects. For example, heavy objects should be packed in small boxes, while large, but light objects must be packed in larger boxes. This is because it is associated with the surface on which the pressure is applied; For the heavy object bigger box is not suitable because it can easily tear the box during picking it up. Even the layout of elements in the box is important. The heavier objects must be packed in the lower part instead of the upper part, where it causes instability, which can damage the box.

          Are you willing for your brand appreciation and uniqueness? Here, we are for your assistance. Customized packaging Boxes is specialized for creating custom printed corrugated shipping boxes. We are here for your help for a customised size packaging according to your need. First of all, if you are interested for our services then use over online configuration tool for having the best custom packaging boxes. As, our services are more reliable and of high quality then we offer very fast services, as you can receive your boxes as soon as possible within 10 to 12 days. By printing your logo onto the customised packaging boxes, you can effectively publish your brand. At Customised Packaging Boxes, we also offer you the flexibility for having a final product layout as it will help you to finalize your packaging.

Create Custom Cardboard Boxes With Custom Boxes Now

          Customized Packaging Boxes is here for you, from a very long time. Our experience helps to fully satisfy our customers by having a good manner for processing and creating the best Customised Ractangale Shipping Boxes and we proudly provide them to our customers.

          we have a variety of boxes styles from regular Slotted Packaging Container (RSC) boxes, these are the standard shipping boxes to specialised designs. It depends upon your need. We do not compromise on the durability of these boxes we do this only for your satisfaction as the satisfaction of our client is our first priority.

          Here we have the repute of the excellent customer service because we give 100% best results for our customers. So, they became fully satisfied. Customised packaging boxes is a client-focused company. The team of customised packaging boxes is always present to help you for improving your brand excellence. So, by using our services, promote your product and enjoy the unboxing experience.

Why You Work With Customized Packaging Boxes?

          What do you expect from customised packaging boxes?We have a straight forward and efficient process when we fix a delivery date with you. We try hard to fulfil your order at the fixed time for your satisfaction. We proudly show our 99% performance for completing client’s orders on time.

          We show un-matched and well-founded efficiency for designing and manufacturing process. To provide the best facility for designing, printing and manufacturing the product we control the whole process by keen eye. We have a clear vision for our all the tasks and we begin our tasks with this vision without any compromise. By using our provided online configuration tool you can better select the box manufacturing details for your product. You can also call us for more details.

          After your approval, we will start the designing and manufacturing process instantly. We try hard to provide our services quickly and fastly. We will ready your order within the fixed time.

          You should be not only sure that your boxes meet your exact needs and specifications, but they should be to helping to the environment. Our corrugated boxes are made from 60% to 95% of post-consumer waste, and, of course, all our boxes are processed and recyclable.

Types of Custom Corrugated Boxes

          Four types of corrugated box are in common use,

  • single-phase
  • single wall
  • double-wall
  • triple wall

          We can batter understand the difference between these and how we can use these in various industries.


          It is made up of single flute with one or two sheets of linear board. Both of these are glued together.

Single Wall

          In the single wall the corrugated medium is positioned and placed between two sheets of linear board shipping boxes. This type of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes has several applications in the retail sector and as shipping boxes.

Double Wallboard

          These boxes consist of a double layer of corrugated medium, which is glued between the three layers of linear board. As a result, it makes the box hard and can be used to pack heavy products or more sensitive products. This type of corrugated cardboard is often used when sending electronic products.

Triple Wallboard

          The stronger form of corrugated box consists triple lyres of corrugated medium and four layers of linear board. The higher burst strength of triple lyre corrugated box made it more suitable for industrial packaging.

Custom Corrugated Box Options

          Customized Packaging Boxes now offers a range of custom corrugated box options. Whether you need simple brown, white, more complex and colourful options, we’re here for you. Our shipping box options include:

Without Printing Plain Boxes:

Here are,

One-Color Direct Printing For Boxes:
  • Big range of RSC,
  • C-series,
  • FOL boxes
  • For different shapes, sizes and colours.
Two-Colour Direct Printing For Boxes:

You can also select from a range of two-colour custom boxes, which may be direct print or laminated.

Boxes With High-End Printing:

We offer a variety of vibrant, glossy colours designed to draw the eye.

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