Acid Free Tissue Paper


In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Acid Free Tissue Paper which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can buy these unique Acid Free Tissue Paper at wholesale and special prices.

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Acid Free Tissue Papers

If you are looking for high-quality, Acid Free Tissue Paper, we offer translucent, general-purpose, short-fibre, Acid Free Tissue Paper for wrapping. Paper not only protects but also facilitate you.

All tissue paper shown is machine glazed. It is an affordable, high-quality product that is ideal for everyday use. Our standard coloured tissue paper comes in a wide range of colours and we stock both 17gsm and 20gsm weights – the higher the gsm, the thicker and more robust the tissue paper. This MG 17gsm coloured and 14gsm white/off-white tissue paper is chlorine and acid-free so it will not harm your delicate products. Each ream of white or standard coloured tissue paper contains approximately 480 sheets.

Light Weight papers:

Our sustainable papers are a versatile, lightweight option for interleaving and wrapping a wide range of cultural heritage items. Designed to protect against pollutants and isolate items from each other, these papers are suitable for wrapping all kinds of objects, from paintings, frames and books through to fabric and textiles. We also offer a comprehensive range of archival slipcases and storage boxes to keep your collection safe. Our packaging materials are free from acid, lignin, optical brighteners and oxidized sulphur, with stable pH values ranging between 7.5 – 8.5 to help preserve your collection against the effects of environmental ageing.

Materials used for the design of packaging and presentations of products tend to be stronger, sturdier and thicker than those used for wrapping. An example of packaging material is a box that you can use for moving house. A box used to wrap your product would be an example of a wrapper. Wrapping materials are more likely to be flexible and adaptable enough to wrap around an object comfortably. They can be used as storage materials because they do not contain materials that can react with their content material. Some products require their own custom packaging and special environments that suit the material it contains, such as the preservation of cultural heritage or cannabis topicals. These include things like boxes.

Packaging is an important part of product marketing. It helps consumers make decisions when making purchases. Acid Free Tissue Paper is a challenging product to package, but there are many packaging options available to help your brand stand out. The quality of packaging materials is extremely important, as it prevents the harmful effects of UV light, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants that can damage your precious goods. How to determine what packaging material you have depends on what you need to get accomplished.


Low sulfur and lignin free, are both acid-free and buffered, added for additional protection. Our Acid Free Tissue Paper, available in white only, is suited for silver packaging, textiles and other objects in collections of museums, libraries and archives. They are particularly suitable for use as interleaving between silver medallions, articles made of fabrics, such as those made of hemp or linen, or other items that may be sensitive to nitrogen compounds.

Our packaging also offers a quality choice for gift wrap and wider applications. We are available in a range of sizes and a range of weights, our tissue paper is suitable for wrapping, interleaving and storage. We can produce extremely fine and thin paper offering high strength to weight ratio.

A translucent, general-purpose, short-fibre, Acid Free Tissue Paper for wrapping, interleaving and storage. Suitable for silver packaging, textiles and other objects in collections of museums, libraries and archives.

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