Acid Free Tissue Paper

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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Acid Free Tissue Paper which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can buy these unique Acid Free Tissue Paper at wholesale and special prices.

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Acid-Free Tissue Papers

Our acid free tissue papers are made with high density and excellent quality to protect your precious fragile items, diaries and garments. These tissue rolls are pH-neutral with and their expected life in a vertical position of 1000 years! We have two categories of acid free tissue papers: white and coloured acid tissue papers, that are all available in different sizes. The range of Our white acid free tissue paper is the cheapest solution, and the coloured paper provides an improved feeling and look for a presentation value.

Light Weight papers:

These lightweight papers are suitable for interleaving, packaging, paper repair and much more. Many storage materials are often described as “buffered”. This means that they have an alkaline substance (usually calcium carbonate) added to buffer or acids, which can be formed in material in the future. Don’t you know what you should use Buffered or Unbuffered wrapping materials?

Watch the resource online here. It is important to think that the buffered agents did not migrate and the buffered box can be used when an unreasonable layer, such as unreasonable fabric paper or a Mylar film, surrounds the object. Follow this link to get a deeper collection of packaging and Wrapping materials.


When talking of design, we are proud to suggest a translucent, general-purpose, short-fiber, acid-free tissue paper for wrapping, interleaving and storage. Suitable for silver packaging, textiles and other objects in collections of museums, libraries and archives. Free acid paper from the fabric not only protects but also facilitate you.

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  1. Duane Gottlieb

    Everything has been great! I can’t tell you how much easier CPS has made my life as a work-from-home designer. Your service and prices make it possible for every one of my clients, primarily small businesses, to purchase full-color printing.

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