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Custom Bath Bombs Packaging Boxes

Create an Impression on the Potential Customers:

A new trend of the packaging of Wholesale Custom Bath Boxes is becoming popular now a days. This is the product with the increasing demand day by day. Almost everybody wants to get essential oils in their skin through baths. This is a unique experience for all customers with an attraction. So, the packaging of this product should be the reflection of uniqueness with logos.

The ingredients of bath bombs are made of dry items and essential oils with the quick melting eligibility in water.

So, we understand that the packaging of the bath bombs should be designed in such a way to maintain the quality of the bath bombs for a long time. These boxes should be in such a shape that show the qualities of each Bomb with printing. Custom Printed bath bomb boxes becomes more attractive with graphics and visual cues in a unique way. The reasons of choosing our boxes may be these:

Custom Bath Bomb Boxes In Different Sizes and Shapes:

We create the packaging of bath bombs in various sizes. So, the packaging should have the features to be fit for each product perfectly.

In addition, if you pack bath bombs in a large size packaging, they will crawl and hit each other. In this way, these maybe damage. Same like, if you will pack these bath bombs in a small size packaging then they cannot remain in the original shape. So, the need is that the packaging of these bath boxes should be more feasible to keep them safe in the original shape. Here, we at Customised Packaging Boxes provide you the best packaging boxes for your bath bombs which will perfectly fulfil the need of the package and with this packaging these bath bombs will look amazing also.

Also, a uniquely shaped bath bomb box won’t immediately catch your eyes? You can get these boxes in your required form. You can also check the catalogue for this. As well as, if you have no any idea in your mind then the need is that you tell us to our professional designers and they will make it possible for you. We have different shape options like sleeve, rectangular, gable, pyramid, diamond and cube etc.

Our Material Selection for Custom Bath Bomb Boxes:

Custom Packaging of bath bombs has great importance. Here are two purposes of this type of  packaging: Promotion and Protection. The use of strong material is important to create closed packaging. This is to keep the product carton safe and to protect it from environmental damages. Therefore, we use different materials, like: Cardboard, Corrugated and Kraft material. These materials provide solid and protective packaging for Bath Bombs.

Firstly, the thickest form of paper is cardboard and card stock mainly used in materials for this purpose. In addition, we recommend this material as it may contain any colour for printing. Also you can customise the cardboard boxes to any shape and size. Additionally, you can measure the thickness upto 28pt with the paste.

Secondly, the corrugated material comes with the flute. For shipment and transportation purposes  these boxes with corrugated material are perfect. Moreover, these flute boxes provides strength and durability. These bath bombs Boxes are available in A B C E and F flutes. You have the option to increase or decrease these flutes according to your needs.

Finally, the craft material is an eco-friendly bath bomb packaging.  At the all-time high in global warming, both consumers and businesses are concerned about the environment.  Craft boxes are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable. This is why people who are aware of their environment prefer eco-friendly bath bombs packaging.  Although it has a recyclable nature, the craft material than provides complete protection to the product.

1 review for Bath Bombs Packaging Boxes

  1. Schaden Jerrold

    I just reviewed the proof and they look better than the last time we printed them. Words fail me in expressing how rare this is and how pleased I am. The print is crisper, the little swan in the oval is definitely crisper. The quality of the print, the blackness of the black, the paper quality, the quality of the UPC and the Kosher symbol are all great. I folded these proofs on the black band and it is not cracking. Thank you for a job well done!

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