Cake Containers with Lids


In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers a unique Cake Box with Hanger and Lid which can be made and printed within 7-9 business days according to your requirement. You can buy these unique Cake Boxes with Hanger and Lid at wholesale and special prices.

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Cake Box with Hanger and Lid

Different Products like Food, clothes, Business cards or any retail item can be packed In the Flip lid promotional boxes. And it will be a great experience for you with packaging. Our most demanding packaging boxes are rectangle Cake Gift Box with Lid which create the best effect on your packaging. These customs with the lid will definitely get more attraction from the customers. And such like packaging better satisfy the customers. Easily you can personalise these cake gift boxes for size, colour, images, etc. These awesome gift boxes with lids will make your brand prominent.

Check out our awesome range of sturdy rectangle Cake Gift Box with Lid. They’re available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your brand, and the hard-wearing lid ensures these boxes will provide your products with protection in the right way.

A customized presentation box is always a good idea to get the attention of the customers. These gifts come with all kinds of popular features like different types, sizes and designs. These custom Cake Gift Box with Lid are used for fulfilling the personal needs of all sections of your audience including grocery stores, hotels, custom writing paper bag boxes, etc. These are easy to use. The printing area on boxes are wide enough that images can be changed according to your need. For corporate gift delivery, these customized presentation boxes are the best option among the rest because they present well in crowded meetings or at corporate dinners.

Gift box with lid – Format and sizes

Here, we have different ranges from 8 centimetres to 22 centimetres. From which you can choose for your boxes while customising your rectangular Cake gift boxes with lids. When you select your range, the depth automatically will be generated. Having the same rectangular shape these boxes will become a popular choice for a number of products like Cake Gift Box with Lid, shop boxes or for retail products which are already prepared for sale.

With the help of our online tool, you will be able to generate the depths along the length, width or any other dimension. The dimensions will become automatically zeroed which you can take as it is. So, for your cupcake bouquet box, you can select the desired depth range. Empty Boxes The next step would be to choose the packing material like cardboard boxes. Empty Boxes Size (inches), Packing Material, Kraft Paper Material Type, and Kraft Paper Hinged Boxes Size in inches. For this fit the needs you can choose from a wide variety of boxes below it is also available in different colour combinations for you have will be displayed on our website when you select your box. You can even use these boxes as shopping cart bases when you place your products inside them.

We all expect our food to be delivered neat and tempting rather than dripping and distorted. This requires a spacious, custom Cake BOX With Hanger and Lid packaging which interacts with the item firmly without any hassle. Our online store has a multitude range of Cake Box with Hanger and Lid UK which are easy to assemble, handle, and deliver. Our efficient team awaits to serve you with our custom-printed ideas available on demand.

By using our Cake Box with Hanger and Lid you can give your brand-new look. We provide you with a new generation of printed Cake Box with Hanger and Lid that are best to understand the demand of the age group. These boxes are made strong and sturdy by different lamination like gloss finish, matte finish and silver foil. These boxes are made moisture-proof to protect your dainties from rotting and restore their freshness for a longer period.

We are a UK-based supplier of quality packaging boxes, available in different sizes and thicknesses. We never compromise on quality; our customers’ prestige matters the most to us. We use high-class, durable material for our packaging boxes which will never let you down. Contact us at to place an order and we guarantee you on-time delivery of the product at your desired address.

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