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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Open Ended Tray Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Open Ended Tray Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom cardboard hamper trays

Cardboard hamper trays are one of our best selling boxes and they come in a variety of sizes. They have an elegant design that can add value to your products and allow good visibility as well. It is ideal for gifting purposes as it protects the product inside from damages during handling. The Sleeve Boxes are made from high-quality materials which make them durable and sturdy whereas Tray Boxes are available in various sizes which are ideal for packaging small and rectangular-shaped products inside. You can get the Tray and Sleeve Boxes from Customized Packaging Boxes at the lowest wholesale prices included with free UK wide shipping and no added costs for the printing plates or cutting die equipment.

Customized Packaging Boxes is your reliable online shop for cardboard hamper trays with the most fashionable range of high-quality cardboard hamper trays including luxury jewellery exclusive packaging, hand-painted Cardboard ex-display easels, unusual bottles for artisans and artists. All of our products are produced in our own factories by from superior materials, so you can be assured of an excellent finish every time. Not to mention that they’re all shipped without any extra costs or charges.

Your products have the special needs that many of our customers ask for so from time to time we would like to update you on our most recent product boxes. We are now proud to offer our strongest cardboard hamper trays option here at Link Packaging Supplies. It is called the Industrial Series. The box has a double-thick bottom and also a double-thick top sleeve which in addition offers side gussets as well to facilitate the space inside it. Our double-thick top sleeve also has an optional separations system inside designed just for your custom packaged products. All these new additions can be added upon request along with other options you may require; you will have to place your order with us separately from the product you would like the box or sleeve for when ordering them.

Our very durable custom trays looking like skillets are in fact made for storage and transportation of any type of product. They are designed to be fitted with another layer of the transparent lid on the top; this lid is double the height of the tray used inside it thus providing extra space for double the amount of product used. For example, simply put a smaller sized food or drink product inside our very large cardboard hamper trays, which will have a half-transparent lid then place a second larger tray inside it that has the same size opening as the top tray but its height is double of the medium-sized one; this will create more space available between them to add much more products than they can on their own without interfering with each other.

The sides of our cardboard hamper trays are equipped with double-thick material walls that ensure the strength and durability of our products. Being completely empty in the middle, they are capable of holding a multitude of types of objects that are packaged with various layers or ingredients without mixing them together. The top sleeves for these custom boxes come in a variety of diverse sizes to best fit your products and your needs. They also come in an array of very strong and durable lamination materials to suit your specific product requirements.

We deliver customized and cardboard hamper trays and sleeve boxes for your online orders, gifts, mail promotions and party themed events. We offer a wide range of printed boxes from standard-sized to tailored shapes and sizes. Our superior printing skills are offered with UV, foil stamping, spot colour, glitter or thermal printing and our in-house designers will create the best possible design for you. Depending on the size of your box, we can offer quotes based on any quantity from 100 to 1 million. Check out our site for more details on the types of boxes we specialize in and follow us on social media to see what we are doing throughout the day.

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