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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Cigar Packaging Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can buy these unique Cigar Packaging Boxes at wholesale and special prices.

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Custom Cigar Packaging Boxes

The box of an e-cigarette is very small and it has a special shape, so you need to pay attention to the packaging for safe transport of the product. Our e-cigarette box kit will help you with this. It includes polyethylene foam inserts that allow you to safely store your devices even in a small box. The pack also includes a compact cello bag for each e-cig that fits perfectly in the box. This way your customers will get a neatly packed, well protected and handy set of e-cigarettes when they buy from you.

Window cut boxes make for a more attractive cigarette pack. Manufacturers of cigarettes generally keep a few windows on the packs, which they often color to give a tint on the packaging material. The tint usually looks similar to the color of the actual pack of cigarettes, and this helps potential buyers see the brand name and other information using just a cursory glance.  This form of cigarette packaging is most suited for young, modern consumers who may appreciate the window cut look.

Best For Promotional purpose

The E-cigarette Box is the ideal packaging for your electronic cigarette and accessories. Manufactured from premium grade paperboard, each box is printed with a high resolution design and finished with a gloss laminate. The cigarette box includes a matching message card which provides additional information about the product.

Our premium e-cig boxes look great and we have shapes and values to match any occasion or theme you need for your product to stand out and grab the attention of customers. All of our boxes are made with quality and durability to ensure your product stays protected.

Our custom designed E-Cigarette Packaging Boxes are the perfect retail display for your e cigarette product. They are made with the thickest materials like corrugated cardboard, which is known for its strength and lightweight nature. Our custom E-Cigar Packaging Boxes meet FDA requirements, and will ensure that your product arrives undamaged at retail locations around the country. Your brand is sure to stand out on store shelves, maximizing your retail space investment.

E-Cigarette Boxes With Windowed Lids

Cigar Packaging Boxes with windowed lids, gives the customer a clear view of the product inside. These boxes are ideally suitable for disposable e-cigarettes. Using these boxes enable e-cigarettes to be displayed to customers at retail stores, thus showcasing the benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes including low cost, low health risks, no odor or smoke and looks like a regular cigarette.

Manufactured in a variety of designs and sizes, our boxes come untied for convenience. The custom printed boxes also have a cut window to enable the display of the e-cigarette inside. We offer wide range of textures, colours and size to meet your requirements.

The e-cigarette box is one of the key components of your e-cigarette presentation, because it makes all the difference in the potential customer’s mind whether or not they buy your product. This is usually their deciding factor between which brand to try. If your package design looks unprofessional, it shows that you are unprofessional and can’t be trusted with their health.

A Safe Way For Your Product Packaging

Storing your e-cigarette box products into a custom packaging box is a great way to keep them safe while also attracting current and potential customers. These boxes allow you to include all the information customers need about what’s inside, while keeping the products inside safe from accidental damage.

Eco-Friendly And 100% Recyclable

The eco-friendly paper e cigarette boxes are fully Eco Friendly, 100% recyclable, great support to your marketing and sales promotion. The cardboard e cigarette box with the textured finish is designed with the intention to protect your high quality and expensive electronic cigarettes or accessories from damaging and scratching during delivery or display. We offer a free design service for your logo and company name via offset printing on the cardboard e cigarette boxes

Our wide range of products is arranged by years of experience, knowledge, innovation, and expertise. We believe in providing the best solution for your packaging needs. We deliver top quality boxes, premium designs at affordable prices. Sometimes the idea of purchasing the best packaging materials for your electronic cigarette can be baffling. It’s even more confusing because there are so many different styles, shapes, sizes, graphics, and shades of boxes out there.

As a leading provider of retail packaging supplies, we have an extensive inventory of standard business card boxes. Customized boxes are available, please contact us directly if you need more than 100 units or more upto your required limit . At Customized Packaging Boxes, our goal is to satisfy your packaging requirements and provide you with the best service and prices available in the industry.

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