Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes


In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes

The name of this box is Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes. These are specially designed boxes that contains two layers of walls and one lock at the centre to lock it. The inner layer from the outside is in leather or velvet polished which gives a rich look to it and protects the additional items from getting damaged. You can keep your valuable products like expensive bracelets, rings etc., precious coins, gold coins and other small valuable things in it by using this box. There are some special features in double-locked wall lid boxes. The first feature is that both layers of the box are made through wooden

With double walls on the outer part, your products in these boxes remain safe and secure. The inner wall consists of hooks or other storing facilities. You can keep anything inside these boxes. Just lock the lid and you are ready to go anywhere with your products in safety. These boxes offer a clean, elegant look to the products being packed in them. If you want to convey any message to your customers through the packing material, then this product is a perfect choice for you as it can fulfil your purpose better than any other packing material.

If you have been searching for some time for some high-quality custom-made boxes, you can stop now as you have found what you needed and more. We are a brand that has been operating in the industry since 2000. We are incredibly pleased to inform you that we are the only ones who can assure that every single one of our items is made in a very meticulous manner to retain the best quality and durability. Our Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes have been so designed that it is able to carry products safely and securely.

Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes can be kept at any corner of your home. They are fit to keep any product you want in it. You can store any kind of product from one to another in a single box. You can put different products in a single box as per your need like you can keep snacks, stationery, books, cosmetics and many more things which you might have at home. The locking system is so good that you don’t need to worry about the locks at all. The boxes become double-locked by closing them so once you take out products from those boxes, they lock automatically.

Just imagine how safe your products can remain in double-walled lid boxes. With plenty of features, you can select the right one for your products. You can keep milk bottles in them but you will also have to seal the lid properly so that they are kept safe. If you are looking for bathroom storage space then Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes can help you out a lot. The doubled secured tops ensure your products are against any kind of loss or theft.

We, at Customized Packaging Boxes, are dedicated to providing our customers with the best packaging service. We offer assorted single wall and custom double wall front boxes in different sizes and shapes. These boxes are well packaged to increase their shelf life and give extra protection. These Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes provide reliable strength for safe transportation of products by air, sea or land freight. To meet the requirements of our valuable clients we deliver services up to the satisfaction level. Our boxes are movable, efficient and effective and also reasonable prices. Moreover, we facilitate fast delivery; keeping in mind the tight deadlines of our clients we deliver orders on time with absolute perfection as well. For more information regarding any of our services, you can contact us. We assure you will be happy working with us, as we will fulfil all your needs in a timely manner and with the finest quality.

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