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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Double Wall Tray Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Double Wall Tray Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Double Wall Tray Boxes

Double Wall Tray Boxes are much stronger and more rigid compared to the regular single wall box. This is why they are preferred by packaging industries. Your items or products don’t have to be fragile or expensive to use the double wall boxes, these boxes can also be used for non-fragile but expensive products that you wish to keep safe during transportation and storage. Double Wall Tray Boxes offer several benefits if you know how to make good use of them. The most important thing is that they don’t allow any moisture to penetrate into your product or item as they have a very thick outer layer of paper which is created through the process of double glueing. This layer is known as the outer skin of the tray. The strength of this material does not allow water vapours inside, this way protecting your items from getting damaged because of moisture. They are able to protect your items from damages because their outer surface area is not smooth and it has features such as bumps, ridges etc., which do not let the product come in direct contact with it.

Our team is highly creative which includes experts as well as designers. They can develop a Customized packaging box that is according to your ideas and specifications. We are equipped with state of the art machines for custom double wall front boxes manufacturing. Any type or shape packaging is manufactured with the help of our machines in order to give it the final look. All these boxes are used to deliver products at homes while they make the packaging product look amazing, they also protect them from dust and damages during shipping.

Innovative and elegant boxes like gable boxes and double wall tray boxes have taken the market by storm. This is because of many reasons, the first being their aesthetic advantage curbs the consumer’s eyes at the first sight. Secondly, they are easy to handle and store as well. They stay in place during transit and don’t upset the contents with their powerful designs. The double-wall package is filled from both outside and inside. These boxes don’t break easily. They also provide good protection for even fragile products like glass objects. The manufacturers love this type of packaging for that reason too. When you talk about giving a box a much needed facelift there are two words that keep popping up Polypropylene and Cardboard! Yes, these two materials are so universally used in manufacturing that no designer in their right mind would sub them in favor of any other material (well except wood maybe).

These all have their own characteristics. The cardstock and cardboard are the best for retail purposes because they provide protection and also glamour the product. Furthermore. corrugated material is best for shipment purposes depending on the demand for the products the flute can be used to increase or decrease the thickness of the material. Kraft is an environmentally friendly material and is best suited to minimise global warming from the world.

The Double Wall Tray Boxes from The Customized packaging Boxes are two pieces equal to the weight of the total product to be shipped. Each piece is sturdy enough to hold the other securely while staying sleek and lightweight, allowing you to simply ship your goods as if it was one product. This box design is great for mailing virtually any item that you would typically boxes, such as jewellery, handguns, or electronics. Available in several sizes and colors, our Double Wall Tray Boxes are not only functional but also attractive in their simplicity.

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