Double Wall Tray Lid Boxes


In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Double Wall Tray Lid Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Double Wall Tray Lid Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Double Wall Tray Lid Boxes

Customized Packaging Boxes carries a wide variety of Double Wall Tray Lid Boxes. These trays are not only available in a huge range of sizes but also in different packaging options. The trays that we offer are made using a unique manufacturing process called double glueing which means they have a very thick outer layer of paper on them. This outer layer is the most important feature in the performance of these boxes. You can easily choose from many sizes of the Double Wall Tray Lid Boxes which you would like to use for your box. It is better for you to go for the highest size possible that will fit your items. For example, if you decide to pack 7 wine glasses then you should use a bigger box rather than put all 7 items into one smaller tray because it will be easier to protect it this way. Our boxes are not only made using the highest quality materials but they also have an interesting design to them, so they look elegant and impressive in any setting they are placed in!

Durable and elegant packaging is what you will be getting when you choose to purchase Double Wall Tray Lid Boxes. These boxes are created using double glueing technology, thus making them more resistant to water vapour and gas, which enables them to protect your items for longer periods of time. The best thing about these boxes is that they can be used to transport any sort of product without having to worry about their safety. From inexpensive to very expensive products can be safely shipped with these boxes. They are often preferred by people who want to keep their precious items safe while transporting them.

Are you planning a big party? Does your office need boxes for packing? Then it is time to go for Double Wall Boxes. These boxes are comparatively more rigid than the normal single wall boxes. Usually, people use these boxes for boxed foods that contain a lot of moisture. Double Wall Tray Lid Boxes protect particulate products from direct contact with moisture. They’re also very strong in nature as they are built up with double materials. The inner layer of paper is glued in such a way that it forms the outer skin of the box. There is another outer save layer of paper which provides an extra padding on the outside making the box extremely strong yet very lightweight. The main purpose of this outer layer is to protect the contents from getting damaged by moisture.

A trend has emerged to bring cardboard and polypropylene together to make beautiful storage boxes that are actually eye-catching. This is because of how visually gorgeous the final product is. Some of these storage boxes are gable boxes, cube boxes, Double Wall Tray Lid Boxes, tote boxes etc. These boxes have evolved over the years and they come in many stylish designs today. The reason why polypropylene was invented in the first place was that it was needed to add strength to the cardboard manufacturing process for creating corrugated cardboard. Corrugation or crumpling is the fluting or ridging of sheets or films when done manually until the material is strong enough so that it can bear its own weight permanently. In fact, this idea hasn’t really changed since then other than making the corrugated cardboard in a small scale so there is less wastage. Manufacturing companies continue to use this process since it’s cheaper and gives a high quality end result that meets their demand for quality packaging for their products, especially during transportation between production units or assembly plants and warehouses, retailers and customers etc.

Polypropylene and cardboard are the most commonly used materials for making all types of industrial packaging products. There is a good reason why they’re so popular. These two cost- effective yet extremely durable materials are simple to use. They are easily recycled and last long, making them a cost-effective option in the long run. If you’re creating a packaging design and there’s a choice between polypropylene and cardboard, then why not go with polypropylene? It’s more durable than cardboard and longer-lasting. Besides, polypropylene looks good too!

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