Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes


In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes

Our Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes are suited for extensive packaging since they’re designed to protect heavier items while they travel by air or ground. With the choice of four flaps and your custom size, you can get an ideal box for dropping off, courier services, or all mail orders. There is a range of flap options available for these boxes that will determine how your package is opened and closed.

Your product deserves the best and you deserve to give it fitting packaging! Our Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes is a custom-made package that features double-wall panels for extra protection of the products. You can choose from various flap types to create the optimal opening and closing mechanism. We even offer you the option to personalize every inch of your box, whether you want to add some colour with an imprint or want a plain white box. The choice is yours and our professional designers are ready to help you create the perfect environment for your product!

Tuck boxes with rolled double walls are fantastic for cushioning delicate or breakable items. Their rolled sidewalls and flat base give an extra layer of protection to the products packed inside. These boxes stack efficiently, making them ideal for warehousing and storing in warehouses with space limitations. They’re also perfect for use when you need to ship long distances. Whether it’s one-time or recurring, we can create a customized version of this product for your packaging needs.

These boxes are flat when not assembled. That way, you can easily save space for storage. Hearty box interiors can handle even the most fragile of objects. Plus, boxes with Tuck Flaps could be sealed in a variety of ways, so you’ll have more options that are suitable for the type of products you’re shipping. All boxes are made using a layer of kraft chipboard to protect the products inside. This makes them perfect to handle your fragile and delicate goods like mirrors and glasses, as well as heavy items like tools and appliances.

The perfect way to present your most prized products Our Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes create a perfect, customized space for the packaging of each and every item from your line. They hold products securely with their transparent walls and sturdy flaps and are an ideal choice for heavier items. Whether you’re presenting photos, jewellery, or other small personal mementoes, these unique boxes are uniquely suited to your needs.

Do you want Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes for those special items? Customized Packaging Boxes has just introduced a range of custom-made boxes to the UK. These quality made boxes are among the best on the market and can be produced in limited quantities with a designer finish option, and because they are designed to your precise requirements there’s 100 to 50000 order quantity. Choose from available options such as Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes, single wall tuck front, roll end auto bottom, and many more. Following this choose finishes such as precisely cut windows to show off your brainchild, partitions to place multiple products along with dividers, or die-cut folds & creases for a much quicker assembly from scratch. Finally, upload your design and add any finishing touches you wish before previewing a 3D mockup (if required). When all this is done simply book the number of custom made boxes that you need at checkout and pay using our secure payment portal. How simple is that?

When it’s time to pack up your products and get them ready to be sent out, look no further than our elegant double wall tuck front boxes. Not only do they have the ability to give your products added protection during transit, but they also look absolutely great. Depending on what you’re shipping, you can choose between an open-top access flap or a more traditional mailing box type design. For more information about these custom-made double wall tuck boxes, please contact us today!

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