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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Five Panel Hanger Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Five Panel Hanger Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes

Five-panel hanger boxes or boxes with a hook, what you say. Like any of the other boxes it consists of four panels, but the rear wall is attached to the hanger panel. With this hook, it’s easy to display the product in the store. The front part of the box contains the upper block of the valve, which moves through the upper Aileron spring in the box. Furthermore, it is based on two sides of the dust components. The lower side of the box has the same structure. Here, the upper closure valve replaces the lower locking fin with the lower bearing barrel and two side dust flaps. The production process of a five-panel hanging box is as same as any other box. Same like it can be used in almost all industries, especially cosmetics, where its demand is more.

The foldable five-panel hanging box, only produced by Customized packaging boxes Group, is the superb product that makes you stand out of the crowd. With a hook it’s easy to photoshop in the store. The front part of the box contains the upper block of the valve which moves through the upper Aileron attached to the top panel of the box. Furthermore, it is based on two sides of the dust components. The lower side of the box has almost same structure as any other box made by us. The upper closure valve replaces the lower locking fin with lower bearing barrel and two dust flaps. This superb cosmetic Five Panel Hanger Boxes is available in UK that is just because of our quality and superior workmanship, that makes us famous across London.

Packaging Material For Attracting Customers:

In fact, the appearance has a direct impact on sale. The business consumer prefers five panels boxes  from others due to its vertical position and unique characteristics. These boxes are held in all forms of the cosmetic industry for retail. Whether it’s a lipstick or eyelashes, you can familiarize these packaging blindly. Moreover, they are also used for drugs, stationery and toys. The use of Five Panel Hanger Boxes suspension boxes will not be limited. Customized Packaging Boxes tries to fulfil consumer expectations, responding to their packaging needs. We use a reliable material that lasts longer with the product. For the production of Five Panel Hanger Boxes, we use an eco-friendly material and cardboard. The composition of the packaging varies from one product to another. We use the 14T category. This is the number of box composition up to 22pt. The thickness of the packaging material increases as number increases. This is the most reliable material today, because it is biodegradable and avoid impurities. Moreover, compared to the others it is of low cost and recyclable.

Custom Themed Boxes:

The largest state of art and graphics are a more complex combination to get. Our professional designers cut the most charismatic models of the boxes transmitting the idea of ​​the product. We have different printings and colours, that is numeric, offset, CMYK and PMS. We also offer a copy of text and animation. It is important to note that we organize each box in accordance with product specifications. Therefore, we offer a lot of custom boxes in all shapes and sizes.

Quality Up To The Mark:

The Customized Packaging Boxes is well-known due to its skills in the sector. We have been served for many years in the packaging sector, and we specialize in all products. We have arranged complete design approval policy for our customers,. We discuss our customers completely about their design and then finalize it. Changes in the package are carried out in accordance with their comments. We ship free all over the United Kingdom and at very minimum costs all around the world.

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