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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Football Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Football Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Football Boxes

The Football Box is made of clear rigid Cardboard, 1/4″ thick and has a capacity for six standard size footballs. The round little hole in the center will not let the football mishandled while displayed on the shelf. Also, there is no direct contact between the footballs and the display, which would be helpful to maintain the newness of it and make people easier to see what they need to buy. Furthermore, the design is made precisely according to the standard size of a football. In addition, we can put any graphic image or picture you want on the box and suppress any color for you. So your brand will be much more distinct and outstanding in our market.

Customers often spoils their beloved footballs when they store them in shabby boxes. Now with our latest design of football boxes, it is easy to avoid this trauma and make the experience of your customers more compelling and fun. The rigid and sturdy material of the box helps to safely store the footballs on the shelf without getting damaged or replaced. Moreover, with a custom picture, information regarding the user can be conveyed to others in the market easily. This will help build a stronger brand image in the market. With these latest designs of football boxes, you can witness a growth in your customer base!

Sports is a leading developer and manufacturer of football display box and football storage bag. We are more than happy to supply you top quality items for your brand promotion. Our football boxes provide you different options for showing product features, benefits and uses visually to target customers easily. Featuring dimensions of normal size, it is easy to carry the box with you and take your sports products outside to play. In addition to a large amount of space for products, there are information labels on both front and back of the box.

Gifts hold great importance when it comes to occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and even the Christmas. Football is a widely followed sport in the western countries and you can make magical moments out of that by presenting this sporty gift to your beloved ones. Our football boxes will be a perfect addition to your football collection. They would be rigid enough to display famous footballs alongside your brand offerings. The items would be easily accessible on the shelf as they will fit perfectly into the inventory made for them. Their round hole in the center of the boxes will protect your ball from any mishandling while kept on display on a shelf. The efficient shape and structure of such football boxes would allow more space availability on the shelf hence multiple footballs could be stocked at one go. Also, people love buying gifts which are embellished with pictures of their idols and sports personalities. Therefore, printing beautiful pictures of famous players would bring about an instant recognition factor for customers for your brand.

Football fans all over the world who play with footballs and basketballs know the importance of quality balls that bounce correctly, without any defect. These people know very well for the superiority of team colors and logos that are printed on balls. They understand that every ball needs to be in proper functioning condition. This is why they all look for high quality balls as well as football boxes, which can keep these balls in a great shape. We at Customised Packaging Boxes understand the need for sturdy boxes for your football balls. With these boxes, you can safely store your football balls in a corner of your room and when you are back from playing, you will find your favorite football fit and ready to roll.

Football game was started in the era of ancient Greece and then it became popular all over the world. Millions of people play the game every day and this is why the market of football is very large in terms of accessories, equipment, balls, and etc. The invention of different footballs has increased the choices for players and fans simultaneously. But packaging also plays a crucial role to improve your product’s recognition among millions of other products in the same category.

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