Four Corner Tray Boxes


In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Four Corner Tray Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Four Corner Tray Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Four Corner Tray Boxes

The Customized Packaging Boxes is an online platform for all kind of printed boxes with custom packaging solutions that are available at the cheapest cost. All our products are made from superior quality material options and we love to offer our customers a variety of top box packaging choices including corrugated cardboard manufacturer, Kraft paper boxes and paper boxes, polystyrene trays and sheets, custom printed flat packed displays and more. The Four Corner Tray Boxes with Lid is specially designed to be water resistant, hold weight at their capacity and made with the highest gloss finish that will definitely catch everyone’s eyes. We also offer other types of printing to create unique designs on your fancy packaging boxes whether they are customized foam inserts or display push-up holders since all these items help with keeping your products organized.

The Customized Packaging Boxes is your one-stop shop for customized boxes packaging. We offer custom boxes for all kinds of industries, including retail, healthcare, technology, food, logistics and more. Whether you’re looking for a single packaging solution to protect a fragile item or bulk wholesale stock order, the team of experts at Customized packaging Boxes will provide you with the perfect packaging for you. Our wide range of different types of packaging boxes also include gift boxes and are available in materials such as box board, Corrugated, Kraft paper or cardboard and printing options like embossing and spot UV.

From business to entertainment and marketing, funky packaging is the need of the hour. Presentation is everything and our Four Corner Tray Boxes with lid boxes are made to perfectly fit your latest gadgets or anything else from a handgun to a wad of cash. The irresistible sliding presentation box is the ultimate in style, convenience and protection for your products. Our packaging boxes with sleeves will protect your antique or modern wine bottles from scratches and dents on their journey to the end user.

Four Corner Tray Boxes is a special design made from natural corrugated paperboard or white corrugated paperboard. These boxes are like a sandwich with walls. The top and bottom of the box are made up of white paper called liner board which is pre-printed and will be folded around the “Sandwich”(the folding mills make the perfect edges). The four corners of the boxes fold inwards and hold with tape to keep them secure. These boxes are sometimes called beer boxes because they were originally made to hold 4 cans of beer that could be stacked on top of each other in the refrigerator when they were first invented.

The boxes are designed based on a special type of tray in a triangular shape. This tray is made from cardboard which has been UV stabilized. The boxes are easily stack able. They can be offered with lids, and they can either have straight sidewalls or slanted sidewalls. The box corners as folding down and against the product in the inside of the box at 90° angles.

The large product requires a specific type of packaging that is more sturdy than paper and lighter than cardboard. The initial step towards this is the selection of materials which are completely new in nature. It is packaged using Kraft paper and non-conventional materials such as scrap papers, left over papers, and papers having different qualities from different factories. By doing these steps, it helps in maintaining the conditions of the product stored inside the boxes by warding off the climate conditions such as humidity and water vapour. Finally, it becomes easy for the seller to make the product available to customers in a flawless manner.

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