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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique French Fry Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy French Fry Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom French Fry Boxes

A French fry boxes is a must for every fast food restaurant. For example, McDonalds offers its customers to carry its French fries in such boxes which can be easily carried and eaten. The top opening and the strong bottom closure of a box offers the easy access to the customers. The material of the box is paperboard that is durable and so made in a way that it can hold a large number of French fries. It has a monotonous look, but its structural design is highly functional to use.

French fry boxes is made up of paperboard or other similar type of product. This box has various uses from carrying French fries to a burger stand or conveying cookies to school. The design of the box is so functional that it completely fills in your purpose. The upper section of the box might have a smaller opening, while the rest of it stays open as most customers would require to grab an entire handful of French fries at once.

French fry boxes are typically rectangular with a relatively square bottom and curving top. In UK, the size of a French fry box typically ranges between 9×5 inches to 10×6 inches. They are also quite lightweight, which makes it very easy to carry and transport. The most common material used to produce a French fry box is paperboard. It is usually characterized by its light color, which can range from white to yellow or brown depending upon the color of the material used for printing. For insulation purposes, a small layer of polystyrene or polyethylene foam is placed inside the box. It protects the French fries from hard temperature shocks, ensuring that they remain hot for as long as possible.

A French fry boxes is a paperboard carton designed for storing and carrying French fries. It is also known as a French fry container or frozen fry box. These boxes are widely available in the market with both plain and custom printed lids. The inside of these boxes is usually divided into columns that offer separate compartments for fries to accommodate varying quantities. The bottom of the box has a cut off handle for easy lifting. French fry boxes can be designed as per the customer’s demand with custom logos, company graphics and brand names. These available boxes have a long shelf life that guarantees quality even after long time usage.

French fry boxes are used to facilitate the packaging, serving, and storage of French fries. They’re perfect for lunch boxes or snacks, and take only a few minutes to prepare. They can be bought frozen or deep-fried and used in a variety of food establishments. Unlike the classic box with smooth interior walls, many French fry boxes used today are designed with small holes on their inner walls. This is because holes increase air flow which makes the temperature inside the box higher and more suitable for fries’ storage.

French fries are the most popular food types in UK, therefore it’s not surprising to see french-fry boxes having numerous customizable features. Rapid development of printing and paper crafting technologies opened the door to many creative design options for these boxes. For example, die-cut windows can add a touch of cuteness and friendliness to many plain and boring boxes. Figures of famous cartoon characters, namely Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse, can make them look more appealing especially when placed beside a bowl full of delicious hot french fries inside one of these boxes.

When it comes to fries, the taste can be enhanced with the right kind of packaging. Customized Packaging Boxes offers a choice of different box styles to fit your personal requirements, taste and budget. Choose from our paper boxes or our more durable Cardboard boxes. We also have waxed cardboard boxes with windows in the lid and grease spots on the bottom of the box. The French fry carton can come with die-cut windows and bends on the side for easy opening that won’t require you to rip off cellophane.

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