Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes


In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes

Highly acclaimed full flap Auto Bottom Boxes are a second to none packaging. There is no need to bend over backwards when you are covering the likes of Health, Beauty and Pharmaceuticals, Mass Consumption or Retail products. These boxes with sleeves come with rigid corners, Kraft dividers, and an all around kraft corrugated construction for that extra little bit of security. Moreover, it proves its worth in protecting the contents of your package from external impacts. Therefore, the most significant feature is that it comes with removable and adjustable dividers wherein you can customize each box as per the requirement of your products making you and your business noticeable among the product brands.

Full flap Auto Bottom Packaging Boxes is an innovation of the new age engineering in the business industry. It comes with a unique style and adds style to your brand name, which ultimately enhances the demand your product in highly innovative and creative ways. It is the package that is ideal for printing labels on both the sides. The box with full flap ends make it a good packaging for books, office stationery, computers, electronic products etc. This box ensures high quality security with its flawless edges, simple finish and well-pressed body that leaves no scope for any sharp or rough edges.

This type of box is ideal for the packaging of heavy items and is needed if the product to be packaged is of a nature that its weight will be focused at the central axis lengthwise. This type of box is manually folded and assembled without any use of any mechanical equipment, which makes it less expensive as compared to the use of automatic packaging equipment. These boxes are in shape very similar to auto lock boxes however, both these boxes and their bottom can be folded down to gain additional space if the product to be packaged inside requires it.

Our Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes is ideal when packaging of heavy items is concerned or if you are looking to gain additional space by folding down the bottom after the item inside has been packaged. These boxes can be assembled by hand and are most beneficial when the amount of consumption and production needs to be increased to apply automatic packaging equipment. The shape of these boxes is quite similar to that of a lock box, however, the main difference is that both these and their bottoms can be folded to achieve an additional space inside.

A Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes can be used to store heavy goods in the industry of food, medical supplies and industry goods. This kind of box has got a full flap that can be folded down to add an additional space if needed during packaging. This enables a person to have access to both ends of the box and the ability to store large items in the middle section. During shipment there is not need for you to use tape or glue since the bottom will stay closed.

Versatile and convenient, these paperboard rectangular boxes can be utilized to pack almost anything. From books and games to clothing items and laptop computers, these boxes are biodegradable, recyclable and are made of strong paperboard &kraft paper. These are used for a flat shipping service wherein shipping charges incurred over weight rather than volume. Save more money with the presence of Auto-lock bottom system.

Our flat shipping boxes are sturdy enough to withstand shipping, yet lightweight enough to be handled by the hands. The panels and box bottom fold down for compact storage which is perfect for keeping your shipping supplies organized. The slot top allows you to place all your packing orders together, with plenty of paper to write down all the important information on each package.

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