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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Match Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Match Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Match Boxes

Our website can provide you with triangular matchboxes made out of cardboard and paper as prints on top of them by using printing machines. You can choose the colour of your company logo, your company name and even two colours that are related to your company and the product of your matches. Therefore, we have different template options for you to use on top of these matchboxes. There will be free graphic design options provided to you for your logo or printed images. The expert design team works only for you to make the image or logo in the desired form. They will make all kinds of designs related to the shape and size of your match packaging box. This process will be useful for both business advertisements and home decoration.

Looking for something to add to an armload of gifts or a favour bag? Don’t look further! These cute triangular matchboxes are perfect favours for your wedding, shower, anniversary, friends get together at home or even cute place settings. These little bags come in different colours and styles of metal. But what makes them special is their triangle shape. It can be used as a message holder or simply as a decoration on the table! You’ll get many compliments on these amazingly affordable favours!

Our company is a professional matchbox manufacturer, as well as an individual and customized matchbox manufacturer. As one of the leading matchbox manufacturers in the UK, we can provide clients with customized paper, PU boxes, and cardboard matchboxes to meet their requirements. The matches are sold in different shapes such as rectangle, oval, square etc. At the same time, the clients can choose different colours and sizes according to their demands. To ensure our high-quality products and after-sale service, we always put the customers’ needs and demands first and try our best to satisfy them with good quality products and reasonable prices.

From printed matchboxes to custom matchboxes and packaging, you can use our company. This will make your business in the matchbox industry be recognized in the market. We have hundreds of files with technically suitable matchboxes for your business. You can choose your file for us to make your customized matchboxes and send them to the market. By storing the countable matches in our printed matchboxes, it will increase your sales. Our customers are happy with our finished products and when we show them, they get excited about buying them from our company.

Your business has reached a turning point, and it’s time to expand. To fully establish your business in the market, you will have to make use of our custom matchboxes. These matchboxes are uniquely designed and you can put your own logo and design on them. This will give you an opportunity to improve your company’s presence in the market by giving your products a unique look that is personalized and attractive. Matchboxes will give you a good deal of space to display your business logo and name, so they are excellent ways to advertise through your products. The placement of advertising material on the matchboxes we provide to you is ideal because everyone uses matches when they light their cigarettes or smoke, so they have a higher chance of seeing your products and your business logo every time they get involved in something like this. Our customized matchboxes are not only useful for advertising, but also for selling products. You can sell matchboxes with advertising material on them so that people can buy them from you at low prices and then use them when they need to light something like a cigarette or some kind of incense or candle. We provide these boxes with the best quality paper and design these boxes ourselves, which means that the quality is never compromised and that there is no.

If you have been running your business for a long time and have been trying to get ahead of the game, our custom made matchboxes will help you do so. We offer a wide variety of matchboxes, including rectangle matchboxes and triangular matchboxes. These matchboxes feature striking colours that are sure to catch the eye of buyers. At our company, we are constantly striving to sell the best quality products, and our custom made matchboxes succeed in this. They are reflective of the colours of our customers’ brand identities and also incorporate the logo of their company as well. Our business was started in order to give companies a platform where they could put their mark on the identity cards of their customers. Our Custom Matchboxes are readily available online for consumers that wish to purchase them for their brands

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