Millboard document wallet


In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Millboard document wallet which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Millboard document wallet at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Millboard document wallet

This product is a very economical version of a card folder, with a high weight and a high resistance. It is made of a single piece of card, folded over, closed through a flap system that incorporates two holes which makes it very practical for putting photos or documents in.

The Millboard portable document wallet is the ideal storage for any type of documents you want to have at hand. Made with a single, folded piece of resistant and strong material, it can be closed with a flap that incorporates two holes that are inserted into the front page. It helps keep your documents perfectly in place. You can decorate it with a rubber band or attach one of our decorative labels.

Millboard card folder is ideal for packaging because it transports several products inside, the flap that incorporates holes.

Millboard Document wallet is a type of thin card folder with a flap that, once closed, can be opened and repositioned. It is suitable for saving objects such as photographs, cards and thin books, all of which you want to protect from damage.

This envelope is ideal for holding documents, tickets and certificates. We also recommend using it as a little book where you can write down your wishes, dreams or memories.

Our Millboard Document Wallet is the perfect solution for storing photos and bills, helping you organise your stuff. It holds up to 120 photos or documents of 80mm x 120mm each. It measures 110 x 65 mm when closed and 10 mm thick, so remains flat in all drawers. There is no need to buy any other type of photo folder as the holes in the card allow it to be hung with ease.

The Millboard Document Wallet is a practical and decorative piece, perfect for storing documents, bills, photographs and even cards as well as postcards. It is made of incredibly resistant and special paper that can be customized with our various designs. Customized Packaging Boxes proudly offer these boxes.

There are different sizes of document wallets, that will fit many kinds of books. What’s more, you can decorate it with our special features of producing customized labels to make it more special, also you can make your own logo label.

When you open it, it is like turning the pages of a photo album. It enables you to place some photos while protecting them and keeping them in place.

This millboard document wallet has a wide range of applications, it is ideal for holding business cards or photographs. It can be decorated with adhesive types of vinyl to make it personal and unique.

We have created a product to fill a gap in the market, as it is a product that works as an accessory but could be packaged as packaging for any type of product, whatever shape or form. We have designed it so that it can be separated from the product to place or sell it as a different item.

The Millboard Document Wallet, designed and created in the UK, is perfect for any kind of protection of any kind of documents when you want to avoid bending. This compact yet innovative document wallet allows you to fold your document over and close it down through a flap system that incorporates two holes to hide your documents or photographs in. It’s made of resistant and strong cards, finished with high-quality kraft paper, perfect for important documents that need to be protected. Running out of space to keep all your work documents? The A5 size Millboard Document Wallet could be devised as an extension to the current folder you’re using. It can hold together up to five single-sided pages, or 2 double-sided pages.

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