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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Mug Packaging Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Mug Packaging Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Mug Packaging Boxes

These custom Mug Packaging Boxes by Customized Packaging Boxes are specifically manufactured for the robust and uttermost protection of your redolent mugs during shipping. Our well-versed experts and skilful craftsmen manufacture sturdy Mug Packaging Boxes with foam lining or Bubble Wrap according to the level of fragility that saves your mugs from cracking and handle breakage during the precarious shipping process. We have the expertise, skills, advanced technology and required experience to create an artwork out of cardboard in form of a box presenting style, creativity and craftsmanship on a single platform. Not only do we assure reliability and safety to your delicate mugs but also strengthen them preserving their worth as an adoration.

Customized Packaging Boxes is an established name in the custom packaging boxes industry, catering to the packaging requirements of all the small, medium, and large-sized businesses. At Customized Packaging Boxes we offer full customization options, allowing you to print any design of your preference on the top of our boxes. We also provide free designing to facilitate our customers regarding their custom printed boxes. Our exclusive quality product at unbeatable prices makes us the leading brand in the UK.

Delicate mugs need safe storage for bulk packaging and display. For this purpose, Customized Packaging Boxes have specially designed auto bottom lockboxes to hold each mug like a feather. These boxes are carefully packed with thick and strong cardboard material which conforms full protection from all sides with partitions that are placed inside the box. The box, when closed, a unique lock mechanism locks the box from all sides firmly. The reliable and sturdy walls of the box can also withstand mishandling during transit and carry heavy loads stacked one on top of another. Furthermore, these boxes are easy to open and convenient to take an item out of them. These lockboxes can provide a perfect display at the retail stores and perfectly sealed edges to avoid falling down of mugs when they get slipped out of the hands.

Mugs are basically made to hold hot liquids. As you brew your coffee and fill in your mugs, you want it to stay warm for as long as possible. The corrugated cardboard keeps the liquid inside warm so that you can enjoy every sip. Have your custom Mug Packaging Boxes printed with the heat-sensitive ink that we offer! This ink changes with the temperature of your mug, leaving a revealing message in its wake. Our printed corrugated Mug Packaging Boxes help build a loyal customer base by exposing them to new products and designs that they might not have seen otherwise.

Manufacturing smooth edge and gleaming beautiful mugs need supreme delicacy. Custom boxes are required to maintain the intricacy and finishing of these mugs during bulk stocks at a warehouse or retail displays. Well, the structured boxes having perfectly sealed edges can ensure fully locked during heavy load, and strong cardboard walls corroborate the protection from all four sides. To secure the heavy mug from dropping down, custom-made auto bottom lockboxes are prepared with strong corrugated partitions that allow multi-mug packing without any collision with each other and give extra strength to the walls by keeping them away from getting mushy during placing them at each other. At the same time, a smooth overlapping flap provides ease for customers to conveniently take mugs out of the box and can give an imprinted unboxing experience with a surety of intact mugs.

Customized Packaging Boxes manufactures outstanding quality custom mug packaging boxes. We can manufacture these boxes in intricate designs or simple designs as needed by the customers to enhance the beauty of mugs. Customers have the freedom to choose the top lid with a closed bottom or auto-bottom flap. If you need a tuck-in option for closing the box then it could also be provided as per demand. The minimum order quantity is 100 boxes and we provide free shipping all over the UK.

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