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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Paper Brief Case which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Paper Brief Case at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Paper Carrier Bags

Paper carrier bags are a cheap and effective way to put your brand in the hands of your customers, employees and potential customers. If you’re looking for a new way to promote your products, broaden product awareness and increase sales, then our paper carrier bag with handles is perfect! Whether you’re looking for simple packaging or a more eye-catching promotional bag, look no further. Our printed paper carrier bags are a popular way to promote businesses at markets and exhibitions.

The Paper Carrier Bags are cost-effective, flexible and reusable custom printed shop bags. They can be used in any retail or wholesale store setting, with an assortment of colour options. They are available in different sizes, from small paper bags to by-products that work great for large stores with heavy items. Each branded Shop Bag will showcase your individual image and brand, which is most likely to succeed if your logo is well designed. The products can be personalized with added text, in addition to the background colour.

Paper carrier bags are largely used by shops, stores and businesses etc. to carry goods, without taking the room or length of time to use the plastic carrier bags. These bags are not only cheaper than other types of bags but reusable and biodegradable, helping with the ecological concerns that people have today for the environment. Paper Carrier Bags are perfect for any occasion you may need them for including shopping, going on a picnic or even as confetti at a prom or wedding. You can choose what type of paper bag you would like from our range of white, kraft brown or black in weight from 250 gsm to 900 gsm. Choosing the size of your custom printed Paper Carrier Bag is not an issue as we have 8 sizes available (small, medium, large, extra-large, x large, xx-large,) along with 3 different types of papers: white, Kraft brown and black.

Paper Carrier Bags Wholesale use is a UK Company that offers custom printed paper carrier bags that provide retailers with a low-cost way to package up their products and in addition offer consumers a distinctive visual reminder of their purchase. Our paper carrier bags are printed in full colour to provide retailers with varied options for glitz, tradition, colour and design.

Send your brand to the skies with the help of our Paper Carrier Bags. With vibrant colours and custom designs, you can create a customized message to promote your business or event. The ordering process for Paper Carrier Bags is straightforward and simple, where the orders may start from 50 pieces, allowing for smaller orders with a fast turnaround.

Customized Packaging Boxes – Paper Carrier Bags is an inline business division, that is dedicated to serving unique packages of Food Packaging Boxes and Supplies. A customized package bag not only represents a business but also its corporate mission. Among our custom food packaging boxes offered to you as a business owner are shopping paper bags, biodegradable bags, recycled paper bags and custom printed bags.

Big Brown Carrier Bag offers a fantastic range of high quality, durable bags, at highly competitive prices. Why pay more? As a small company with great close ties to suppliers, we are able to negotiate exclusive deals and discounts, meaning our customers always receive the best possible prices. As well as these top-quality unprinted and printed paper bags, we also supply plain paperboard boxes in an exciting range of sizes and colours. All of our products are sold printed, meaning our customers have maximum choice of how they want their packaging to look.

Ordering your Customized Paper Carrier Bags is easy and straightforward. Each bag can be fully personalized in colour and print design according to your needs. The order process for Customized Paper Carrier Bags starts from 150 pieces, allowing for smaller orders with a fast turnaround. Orders are delivered within a minimum of 7 days, and free delivery is included.

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