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In Customized Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers unique Seal End Packaging Boxes which can be made and printed within 5-7 business days according to your requirement. You can Buy Seal End Packaging Boxes at wholesale, cheap and special prices.

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Custom Seal End Packaging Boxes

The speciality of Seal End Packaging Boxes is that they are sturdy and durable. This is possible because of the availability of different types of materials used in the manufacturing of the boxes, like a corrugated boards, chipboard, etc, giving the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Our team understands your needs perfectly, which is why we make sure that you get more than what you pay for. The high level of customization we offer ensures that your boxes exude quality and elegance. Also, the drawing is emailed to you within a day of placing your order, giving you ample choices to make while selecting a suitable box for your product.

Seal End Packaging Boxes are not only useful in the safe and convenient storage of products but, are also preferred by customers due to their effortless unboxing capability.

Most restaurant and food establishments find themselves struggling to present their frozen dishes or desserts on buffet trays with the absence of clear packaging. Our ice cream boxes and ice cream box sets offer a simple solution to the struggle. These cardboard Seal End Packaging Boxes are made with 100% recyclable material that helps you maintain an eco-friendly environment, producing less waste and cutting costs at the same time. Available in white or custom colours, the clear rectangular design of these food containers shows off your frozen desserts without them being damaged by sunlight. The papery thin nature of our food containers also makes stacking easy, which conserves space normally taken up by cardboard boxes or other liners. Whether you are looking for a large or small option, an attractive package to sell your desserts at buffets, catered events, or supermarkets, we have it all!

Seal End Packaging Boxes are also known as tuck top boxes, resealable bags or resealable food packaging. These highly practical and attractive boxes with a high shelf appeal can be used extensively for the packing of food products, snacks for gifting, personal care items and lots more. The seal end boxes can be made in any size and shape according to your requirement and to suit your specific product. With die-cut perforations on the side panels of the box, tear open tabs on the front flap and glue sealed side panels towards the bottom of the box, these seal end boxes are user-friendly in numerous ways.

The Seal End Packaging Boxes with tear-open tabs is the perfect packaging method for ice cream and frozen products. For example with a retail price tag of $25.00, the veal rack of Rib eye steak, which is sold in a box 100 gm in weight with 10x10x7 inch size, will be packaged in a seal end box which has perforation strips on top, bottom and two sides. The steak is placed on a cardboard film that keeps the product hygienic from external contaminants and then sealed in between two layers of cardboard, one at the lid and another at the base. A barcode label is fixed at the lower side of the top flaps along with the brand logo, name and expiry date label which includes usage instructions and other marketing information.

Our Seal End Packaging Boxes are different from common packaging because of their tear open capability that doesn’t require scissors. Our range of seal end boxes is made by utilization of first-grade paper material and comes with easy to tear feature. These seal end boxes are custom printed with a catchy design that holds the attention of customers and offers them information about usage and proper handling of products. Customers don’t have to be an expert to tear open seal end boxes as these boxes come with a pre-cut opening for effortless opening without any hassle.

Seal End Packaging Boxes are easy to open and a popular choice for packaging food products. Their unique feature about the sealed end is that customers can open the box by pulling one strip within a second. They are offered in different sizes depending on what needs you have for your products. Through them, you can keep your products safely and offer an easy way to unpack when supposed to offer them to the customers. The snap-stop structure at the top and bottom of the bale set up together with excellent paper material makes them strong and safe to handle.

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